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Cornwall ~ July 2008

Thomas, Titch, Emily, Kate and Ada Gary with Ada and Will in Clovelly Ada with Kate at Widemouth Bay introducing Ada to the beach. 

Ada's Christening ~ 22nd June 2008

Ada Christening 002.jpg (675905 bytes) Ada Christening 003.jpg (747578 bytes) Ada Christening 005.jpg (655383 bytes) Ada Christening 009.jpg (533578 bytes) Ada Christening 010.jpg (542920 bytes) Ada Christening 012.jpg (709364 bytes) Ada Christening 013.jpg (655940 bytes) Ada Christening 014.jpg (863800 bytes)

Ada Christening 018.jpg (515189 bytes) Ada Christening 019.jpg (485772 bytes) Ada Christening 022.jpg (519482 bytes) Ada Christening 023.jpg (510496 bytes) Ada Christening 029.jpg (438872 bytes) Ada Christening 024.jpg (670425 bytes) Ada Christening 016.jpg (1096652 bytes)

Ada Christening 034.jpg (784317 bytes) Ada Christening 035.jpg (590915 bytes) Ada Christening 036.jpg (563130 bytes) Ada Christening 037.jpg (731248 bytes)

Elgin ~ 10th June 08

Ambleside, Lake District  Ada June 2008 024.jpg (251751 bytes) Ada June 2008 030.jpg (220619 bytes) Ada June 2008 027.jpg (243067 bytes) Lossiemouth for lunch Our B&B in Elgin, Ardgye House Elgin dress style! Ada June 2008 037.jpg (231511 bytes)

Visiting the Moray Whiskey distillery Ada June 2008 031.jpg (334827 bytes) Ada June 2008 032.jpg (300277 bytes) Ada June 2008 035.jpg (179989 bytes)

Ada Grace Sarah Kemp   ~   born 16 Jan 2008

Ada 13 weeks 005.jpg (177527 bytes) Ada 13 weeks 025.jpg (166970 bytes) Ada 268.JPG (1166932 bytes) Ada 246.JPG (1248636 bytes) Kate pics 035.jpg (535568 bytes) Kate pics 038.jpg (522902 bytes) 

1 Ada 24hrs old.jpg (196604 bytes) 2 Ada fourth day 015.jpg (393029 bytes) 3 Ada fourth day 027.jpg (409087 bytes) 4 Ada fourth day 010.jpg (394440 bytes) Granny with Ada.jpg (192005 bytes) Ada nine days old Ada seventh day 013.jpg (193485 bytes) 7 Ada twelfth day (2).JPG (632220 bytes)

  Ada & Emily at Summerlands 024.jpg (197190 bytes) Ada & Emily at Summerlands 025.jpg (200266 bytes) Ada & Emily at Summerlands 026.jpg (197017 bytes) Ada & Evelyn 007.jpg (244469 bytes) Ada seventeenth day (1).jpg (180280 bytes)

Christmas 2007

Christmas tree at the Thatched Cottage Kate and Sarah at Summerlands Kate and Will Christmas lunch Kate's a cracker, feeble jokes though Sarah and Will

Pianist Thomas aged 1 Thomas handing Norman his present. Nice handbag Dad. Pat with Bruno, Titch with Emily Emily on Sarah's lap Boxing Day lunch with Mum, William and Titch William Titch Kate Pete Emily & Sarah

Tonbridge - Oct 07 & Emily - Nov 07

Tonbridge Oct 07 017.jpg (242113 bytes) Tonbridge Oct 07 006.jpg (524664 bytes) Tonbridge Oct 07 013.jpg (247849 bytes) Emily Mary Kemp 003.jpg (275698 bytes) Emily Mary Kemp 002.jpg (195332 bytes) 

Cranleigh - Sept 07

Two pregnant wives Lack of chairs in the Cranleigh kitchen Thomas proud of his new shoes Back home - Kate & Flossie

Cotswolds - Sept 07

Tewkesbury High Street Tewkesbury Abbey Sudeley Castle Cotswolds 008.jpg (452972 bytes) Cotswolds 021.jpg (398322 bytes) Sudeley Castle 2 Sudeley knot garden

Will's Birthday Party - August 07

IMG_0211.jpg (143767 bytes) IMG_0212.jpg (160034 bytes) IMG_0213.jpg (155584 bytes) IMG_0218.jpg (175078 bytes) IMG_0217.jpg (166964 bytes) IMG_0229.jpg (162085 bytes)

April 07

April07 007.jpg (892559 bytes) April07 017.jpg (586151 bytes) 

York - March 07

Yorkshire 037.jpg (542926 bytes) Yorkshire 045.jpg (876234 bytes) Yorkshire 052.jpg (783441 bytes) Yorkshire 053.jpg (612016 bytes) Yorkshire 062.jpg (759069 bytes) Yorkshire 064.jpg (660501 bytes) Yorkshire 065.jpg (615066 bytes)


Christmas 06

 Kate and Thomas Uncle William flanked by Kate and Titch Christmas Day lunch Thomas in antique high-chair Finally a Boxing Day family photo! Christmas Tree at the Cottage Thatchers in the snow

Thomas' Christening - September 06

Thomas Christening 009 edit.jpg (115195 bytes) Thomas Christening 011 edit.jpg (112336 bytes) Thomas Christening 017 edit.jpg (127193 bytes) Thomas Christening 020 edit.jpg (167318 bytes) Thomas Christening 045 edit.jpg (160626 bytes) Thomas Christening 048 edit.jpg (147746 bytes) Thomas Christening 051 edit.jpg (129844 bytes)

August Bank Holiday w/e

27 Aug 06 047.jpg (627071 bytes) 27 Aug 06 031.jpg (916571 bytes) 27 Aug 06 025.jpg (511964 bytes) 27 Aug 06 035.jpg (591003 bytes) 27 Aug 06 029.jpg (669538 bytes) 27 Aug 06 030.jpg (812423 bytes) 27 Aug 06 040.jpg (688349 bytes) 27 Aug 06 042.jpg (901537 bytes) P8280030.JPG (812249 bytes) 


 Punting 005.jpg (765962 bytes) Punting 008.jpg (443732 bytes) Punting 010.jpg (769916 bytes)

Weekend 10th June

Garden June 2006 026.jpg (151988 bytes) Garden June 2006 018.jpg (221662 bytes) Garden June 2006 021.jpg (175656 bytes) Garden June 2006 001.jpg (161830 bytes) Garden June 2006 013.jpg (91557 bytes) Garden June 2006 008.jpg (178903 bytes)

Polly's wedding

Dom and Kate Will and Kate being at one with nature Jonny, Andrew, Rob and Jane Jonny, Andy and Rob Janey 

Gwernesney Church

Rather rare for a church this size to have a baptistry screen Furniture dates from Victorian times Gwernesney 003.jpg (112727 bytes) Gwernesney 004.jpg (122731 bytes) Post-mediaeval alter rails Church of St. Michael dating from 1254. A pre-Norman church stood on the site. 13th century bells, oldest in Monmouthshire. James Blowers BA (oxon) 1871

Cornwall at Easter

Easter Cornwall 002.jpg (94854 bytes) Easter Cornwall 006.jpg (81481 bytes) Easter Cornwall 007.jpg (56726 bytes) 

Garden minus trees - Mar 06

Before: Garden Shed.jpg (285684 bytes) Lawn b4 mowing.jpg (341906 bytes)      After: Garden bare 001.jpg (107583 bytes) Garden bare 003.jpg (92075 bytes) Garden bare 002.jpg (118346 bytes) Garden bare 004.jpg (109156 bytes)

Thomas Kemp aged 6 days - Feb '06

...and proud Auntie Kate... Daddy and young 'Tommy K' TDNK 017.jpg (182923 bytes) Joanna and Tom with Peter Titch and Tom Titch, Tom and Ted! TDNK 001.jpg (244862 bytes)

Danbury walk - Jan '06

...when we unexpectedly came across Great Aunt Marion's old house:

Aunt Marion's Hse.jpg (67222 bytes) Aunt Marion's Hse 2.jpg (55392 bytes) Aunt Marion's Hse 3.jpg (73432 bytes) Aunt Marion's Hse 4.jpg (48468 bytes) Aunt Marion's Hse 5.jpg (57416 bytes) Pics taken with phone, hence low quality...

Christmas & New Year '05

Serving Christmas lunch... ...Eating Christmas Day lunch at Summerlands. Apologies to Uncle William for cutting him in half...  

Re's Visit - Nov 05

Re standing in the most minor of snowfalls heavy frost Kate gets a tad cold on the 5min walk back from the pub! not 'morning' people these two Re and Jen Dad, Mum, Kate & Re at Summerlands Titch & Kate Claude has trained Re within days obvious tourist shot famous cheese shop on Jermyn St. Burlington Arcade off Picadilly Re posing outside cartier london 006.jpg (234452 bytes) Ice climbing wall at Somerset House Somerset House ice rink The Ice Rink at Somerset House

34th Birthday Party

Kate & Becks Pete takes over as chef while I fart about with the camera Fi, Titch & Andrew Becks frightens everyone away with her camera Ooh, turn up the radio! England have lost another wicket in the Test Match... ...mad dash for the telly in the living room to see replay. The first Thatched Cottage Test Match Watching the end of the Test.

Corpus Cristi at Skinners

Procession to Garlickhythe.jpg (342820 bytes) Livery intake 2005.jpg (421392 bytes) emerging from Garlickhythe.jpg (430198 bytes) procession out of church.jpg (583586 bytes) Master & Preacher.jpg (280426 bytes)

Gary's Visit

    gary chopping wood Claude's climbing conundrum while Freddy looks on... new 005.jpg (349997 bytes) Audley End 002.jpg (212985 bytes) Parents on deck.jpg (280352 bytes) Mum Digging Kittens 2.jpg (409626 bytes) 

The Kittens

Kittens - first day in the cottage, 6 weeks old. 3rd June. Claude, he's the climber... Sleeping at last Freddie, she's the scaredy cat. 

Easter Weekend

Nick kills the Estate Agent's "For Sale" sign Riding 007.jpg (214831 bytes) Riding 001.jpg (278325 bytes) Riding 004.jpg (246795 bytes) Riding 008.jpg (232948 bytes) 

Becks' Birthday Party

...sorry about the red eye... Becks Party 015 Becks Party 013.jpg (331032 bytes) Becks Party 012.jpg (267517 bytes) Becks Party 014.jpg (254894 bytes) Becks Party 011.jpg (312313 bytes)

Hatfield Heath - March 2005

    5 minutes walk up the lane. Will under Hatfield Heath sign Our new local pub: The Thatchers Spring blossom in the garden Village Tea Room Mill Lane 

Spring Snow

Snowing just days after the move just a light dusting of snow the next morning The garden on the 4th March... and on the 12th March after first mow.

The Move - Feb 2005

Before the move... Packing boxes everywhere... Day of departure Family helping with the unpacking Kate in front of our first log fire

Last Photos 2004


Dad's Birthday 002.jpg (162075 bytes) Dad's Birthday 001.jpg (171518 bytes) Kate Ice Skating.jpg (154406 bytes) Ice Skating at Somerset House.jpg (260850 bytes) Damien Sam & Rupert at Sebi's sports day - June 2004 Nick Kate & Becks.jpg (219935 bytes) New 002.jpg (470238 bytes) Sebi Sports Day 2.jpg (291592 bytes)

Mum's Birthday 2004

Mum and Pat  Dad, Mum and Dad's Sister Pat.  The meadow at RHS Wisley  Pat Macnamara at Wisley  Mum at RHS Wisley, on her 62nd Birthday. 

Young Rupert Combes 2004

Me and young Rupert Combes  Kate and Rupert  Kate and Rupert.

Cornwall in May 2004

Kate at the Eden Project.  Kate at Strangles beach, Cornwall.  The Eden Project domes.

Sebi's Birthday Party in March 2004

124-2409_IMG.JPG (248647 bytes)   124-2410_IMG.JPG (279595 bytes)   124-2416_IMG.JPG (259845 bytes)

Tonbridge fly past 2002

Tonbridge.JPG (151984 bytes)  The 'Head' cricket pitch, and the new sixth form centre, theatre and art school.  Park House, where I grew up; and Whitworh House, in which I spent my time at Tonbridge as a day boy.