S o u t h   o f   F r a n c e - 2006

Our B&B near Le Thoronet Will at L'Abbey de Thoronet Kate in Bedroom at B&B Dinner at B&B Local olive grove - note the red coloured earth Salernes South France 204.jpg (586664 bytes) St. Tropez market every Tuesday

M a r r a k e c h - 2006

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V e n i c e - 2004

Kate in front of the Basilica San Marco.  We were forced to buy hats, as it was so cold.            The amazing ceiling of the Palazzo Ducale Committee room.        St. Mark's Square at dusk.  View of St. Mark's square from the clock tower.  The bridge of sighs, linking the prison with the court rooms.  The famous Rialto Bridge.  The Grand Canal.


P o r t u g a l - 2003

Kate in the orchard at the English House.  120-2098_IMG.JPG (324392 bytes)  121-2104_IMG.JPG (323536 bytes)  BomJesus017.JPG (372628 bytes)  BomJesus015.JPG (393553 bytes)  Stairway to Bom Jesus do Monte, near Braga.  121-2154_IMG.JPG (304202 bytes)  121-2153_IMG.JPG (283663 bytes)  121-2142_IMG.JPG (247606 bytes)  Ponte Romana in Ponte de Lima  121-2111_IMG.JPG (219875 bytes)  120-2099_IMG.JPG (271872 bytes)  121-2101_IMG.JPG (274086 bytes)  The pool at the English House  121-2140_IMG.JPG (270166 bytes)  Azulejos (painted tiles) cover everything in Portugal.


W i n d e r m e r e - 2003

Lake Windermere  Cragwood Hotel on the shores of Lake Windermere  119-1919_IMG.JPG (117138 bytes)  119-1933_IMG.JPG (131594 bytes)  119-1929_IMG.JPG (245070 bytes)  Rowing on Lake Windermere  Reading Wordsworth on Windermere  WillWindermere3.jpg (133805 bytes)


Road Trip - 2000

Marseilles harbour  Flavian Amphitheatre commonly known as the Colosseum  Trevi Fountain  Via della Conciliazione leading to St. Peter's Square  The pool at Hadrian's villa to the East of Rome  Basilica San Marco  Venice - Canal Grande.JPG (226498 bytes)  My Harley having just arrived in Rome.  Vatican ceilings are all like this.