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Little Langley Farm: c.1985

Dining Room Inglenook fireplace in sitting room Langley's back field Langley garden southern aspect Langley garden southern aspect. Langley garden wall Langley garden wall Langley's orchard Langley S.JPG (239561 bytes) Langley S2.JPG (224322 bytes) Langley's old driveway. Langley in the snow. Langley stable block Langley's old grass tennis court. Langley SW2.JPG (202929 bytes) Langley W.JPG (225807 bytes) My Uncle's old Frogeye Sprite. Langley Garden Langley Garden

Mum's side of the family:

My Mother far right, with Parents, in the late 1950s? My Mother and her Father in the inglenook fireplace at Little Langley 1964 Maurice, Rosalind and William Blower Dorothy & Rosalind Marion Liddell at home in Hong Kong Maurice Blower 1970s

My Grandfather Maurice Blower sometime after 1938. Charles, May, Marion, Thomas, Elizabeth and John Liddell Mum aged 5 next to Uncle Rob's bike in 1947. My Uncles William & Thomas and the gardener's wife Mrs. Cotterell. My Great Grandfather William Gwynn Blower and his sons Maurice and Bernard. John, Eugenie & their mother Georgiana A young Rosalind Blower (nee Liddell), my Grandmother.

Dad's side of the family:

John Dewson Kemp b.1842 & his wife Annie Lupton b.1841 & family: John Dewson Kemp and wife, Annie Lupton, and their three daughters. The four women to the right may be John's sisters. my Great Great Uncle.

George Kemp (my Great Grandfather), John Dewson's younger brother, b.1853: Reverend George Kemp 1854 - 1890

Stephen Kemp (my Grandfather), George's youngest son, b.1890: Stephen Kemp, my Grandfather Stephen in uniform during WW1 Stephen Kemp Rosalind Blower, Stephen Kemp & Mary Gibbs at my Parent's wedding at Little Langley.

Amy Kemp (Stephen's Sister) & husband Will Smith, b.1886: Amy Kemp & Will Smith

The Hutchens, Smiths and Mary Gibbs (my Grandmother, married to Stephen) The Hutchens, Smiths and Gibbs