Camilla = Guy Leppard m.1996


Maurice Sibley (Dr.) = Rosalind Hill (nee Liddell) m.1938


Emma = Edward Gardner


William = Katherine Simpson m.2002


I donít know much about William Gwynn Blower. There is a picture of him, and his sons Maurice and Bernard taken c1910, proudly displaying their bicycles. Bernard died young. His daughter Daisy lived in London and was a lovely lady. Apparently her children Betty & John never married. John lived in Chiswick.

Maurice, my maternal Grandfather b. 27th Sept 1894 d. 4th July 1982, was a musician and went on to Oxford University where he obtained a Doctorate of Music. His real interest was in composition Ė he also taught and was involved with local choirs. In March 2008 a symphony of his was played for the first time by Havant Orchestra. The symphony had lain in a loft undiscovered since 1932

Rosalind b. 4th Dec 1902 d. 1985 married Maurice in 1935 in Miland Church. Lots of her history on the Liddell Family page.


Marion = David Kemp m.1966


William b.1946


Peter = Miranda Mitchell m.2003








Daisy††††† Jamie


Betty†††††††† John




Thomas = Elizabeth Carmichael




Daisy = John Crowden

William Gwynn Blower = Adrienne Leigh